I THINK I LOVE ME (An oldie but a goodie...)
Aquafina is here to say that it’s time to make your body happy. You deserve to be rewarded for being you. Give yourself Aquafina, because you love you. Go ahead. Say it. “I think I love me.”

Our self-affirmation microsite is a fun-land of ways to better love you: self-love letter E-cards, personal flower delivery - sure to surprise you, simple health tips, as well as I Think I Love Me merchandise.

National Me Day is now an Aquafina sponsored day you do something nice for yourself and a
celebration of self-love.

We even create a special limited edition bottle with a mirrored label so that each person can look into their eyes when they sip their water and say “I love me”.

All OOH advertising has reflective surfaces to inspire self-appreciation.

Our branded sheets of lined paper invite the writing of self-love-letters or the drawing of a self-portrait.

Video booths invite the audience to record a message of love to themselves. These are emailed to them in an E-card for unlimited use, and sent via voice mail at random to their cell phone.